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About us

ZITA is my mum

These are the words I use, when I start telling people the story of our opticians. My mum is an optometrist and her expertise, kindness and humanity make up for such a powerful brand, that we found it meaningless to try and create anything new, artificial. Nevertheless, we wanted to bring a new vision of what a modern opticians should look like.



optician and optometrist -proven expert on both eyesight and soul


principal - the main visionary and the man who pushes ZITA forward


curator and link to our brands - searches for and selects the most beautiful out of optics world


optician - knows exactly what fits you


optician - always walks towards your satisfaction


optik – accepts every challenge with calmness and a smile


optician and optometrist- professional capacity in theory and in practice. She sees once but measures twice.


universal player - not only comes up with ideas but also makes them happen. “No” is not an answer.


marketing - makes sure you know and hear about us


voice of ZITA - our content curator. She knows the answer to every question.


optician - handy both behind optical machines and in store

Written about us

Our manifesto

Wellness at an opticians

We want you to look at a visit with us as you would on visiting wellness or a luxury hotel, where you are properly taken care of. The greatest reward for us is a satisfied customer, going home happier because he sees and looks better than beforehand.

The world’s most beautiful

Our frame selection comes from independent brands or small family manufacturies, with emphasis on hand-manufacture, high-quality materials, and a unique but wearable design. We mostly discover them at optics trade fairs, but when it comes to the most hip glasses we are not afraid to approach an elegant stranger in the streets of Paris or Milan.

Each face has its type

Smaller, more narrow or robust, asymmetrical, or simply a face that glasses don’t agree with. At ZITA, leaning on 20 years of experience, we dare say that we will find glasses for anyone. We have a good eye for frame/face matches and good taste as well. Simply put, we will find glasses you deserve in a way you will love. However, the most difficult task – making the choice - is entirely up to you.

All under one roof

From the examination, through frame fitting all the way to professional lens grinding or any necessary correction. ZITA is a full-service opticians with its own equipment and state-of-the-art instruments, allowing us to measure your sight perfectly as well as minimize the delivery time of completed glasses.

We believe in lifelong service

We are convinced that our service doesn’t end with your purchase. You are always welcome at ZITA, whenever you or your glasses need us.

When did you last have your eyes examined?

Make an eye examination appointment More about an eye examination

At ZITA, we have over 1200 carefully selected frames by 30+ independent, mainly European brands and family manufacturies. All of the brands in our portfolio are handpicked and we maintain above-standard, almost family-like relationships with them. The alpha and omega of our choice is hand-manufacturing, the highest-quality materials, and unique but wearable design.

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ZITA at Živnostenská


Živnostenská 4
811 06 Bratislava

Monday – Friday

9:00 – 19:00


9:00 – 16:00



You can find the first ZITA at Živnodom, close to the city centre. We opened ZITA here, with love, in November 2017, but Živnodom was here long before. It was built in the 1930’s as one of the biggest and most modern buildings of Bratislava at that time.

In the footsteps of Le Corbusier

The architect responsible was Klement Šilinger, whose architectural style was first characterized by monumentality, color, and lots of ornaments. However, after 1925, he started trending towards pure functionalism, where form followed function and nothing was superfluous. His later works were a reference to the French architect Le Corbusier or to the Italian visionary Pier Luigi Nervi.

His design which won the commission for Živnostenský dom in 1929 was similar. In two market squares – Hay market and Grain market (today’s Vysoká ulica and Kollárovo námestie) Šilinger created the unique Živnodom. It housed trade establishments and offices, a restaurant, a café, shops, 76 spacious flats, and a hall with space for 552 people, originally intended for meetings and film screenings (“Alfa" cinema was situated here), but during its construction changed into a theatre.

Šilinger also created a new alley because of Živnodom, linking Vysoká ulica with Kollárovo námestie. And that’s the alley, where you can now find our ZITA.

Starring: pure design and elegant frames

Its design was created by our friends from GRAU studio – Andrej Olah and Filip Marčák. It’s a minimalist design with an emphasis on detail in order for the frames themselves to stand out. So even though we didn’t know it at the time, our design was essentially a reference to the beautiful works of Klement Šilinger.